Benefits of bariatric surgery

People who are very much obese and are trying to lose weight for a long time but have not become very much successful opt for bariatric surgeries. If the weight loss attempt has been failed for a long time only then this surgery can take place or is advised by the physicians. This surgery actually reduces the capacity of storage in the human stomach which actually results into the limitation of food intake just after a few days of the surgery.

Bariatric surgery has multiple types. The bariatric surgery cost in India depends on what type of surgery is happening. There is a gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric placation. Now, it completely depends on the surgeon to decide which one is applicable on a patient depending in what kind of problems they are suffering from. Also the health condition of the patient is also important and the physician decides on that which surgery will work on them.

The LAGB (laparoscopic adjustable gastric band) is a simple surgery. Here a silicone balloon ring is kept at the upper portion of the stomach. The volume of the food which can be hold by the stomach gets restricted by this. As a result it reduces the power of the appetite. But fluids can be consumed easily in comparison to solids.

On the other hand, in the gastrectomy procedure, the parts of stomach get removed. The weight loss happens because the capacity of stomach to digest food reduces and so there is an improvement in diabetic condition. But there is a high chance of nutritional deficiency. So, in that case the doctor might prescribe some nutritional supplements to the patients after the surgery is done.

One has to take care of the post surgery things as well. Once the surgery is done, one has to eat very slowly and take tiny bites on every food item they eat. They cannot gorge on foods. The most important thing that the patients have to change after undergoing the surgery is that, they cannot drink while eating food. This is the most difficult adjustment they need to make. They have it have their fluids at least 30 minutes before having the food or 30 minutes after having the food. But according to physicians, this can also be adjusted easily though it takes a bit of time. Also one has to maintain a proper diet as prescribed by the doctor for a few months post surgery.

Bariatric surgery does not only mean body weight loss. It also means healthier life. This is because; once this surgery is done, an individual can get rid of type 2 diabetes on a long term basis. The diabetes patients can get relief from insulin and the medicines required keeping diabetes in control. This surgery also helps to improve the cardiovascular health.  There is a lesser chance of one to get peripheral heart diseases and strokes. Also the cholesterol and blood pressure level also remains in control in a human body.

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