6 Common Questions About Artificial Grass

We all like the idea of covering our backyard with green grass. Most of us cannot maintain our lawn because of the hard work involved in it. Many times, you need to take some professional help to preserve the luster of the grass. This is the reason why more and more people are turning towards installing artificial grass. This is convenient and cost-effective; you can do it at your own. You may be aware of the benefits of artificial grass, but even though there are many questions, which need to be answered.

Here are a couple of questions with their answers, check these questions before you finalize to install the artificial grass.

What kind of surface is required?

You can install it on soil as well as on concrete. Rear side of the turf will get stuck to any surface without any problem. This gives you flexibility to install it on your terrace, tarmac and balconies. This is the beauty of the artificial grass that you can adjust it with any surface and in any environment. This gives it a long lasting adhesiveness.

Is it safe for your children and pet?

People who have pets and children in their home, they take extra care. That is why they are conscious about the allergic side effects if they are any. You do not need to worry about the safety of your kids and pets. You can be sure of that; it will not harm or create any allergy to their skin. An artificial turf with the extra layer of fiber is available to prevent their fur penetration when pets are playing on it.

How to maintain the artificial grass?

It depends on the usage; the volume of traffic in your home will dictate the terms. You do not have to water the turf, make sure that dog poop or dry leaves are not there because it will get stuck in the grass.

Can I install it?

Yes, you can do it yourselfby following the installation methods given on the Internet. At the time of installing it, you will be in need of some specific tools required for the job. You can also ask the supplier about the professional guidelines and apply them properly when you install the turf.

Is it environment friendly?

Yes, there is not a single case reported regarding the negative impact. Moreover, you do not need to spray any kind of pesticides or chemicals to keep the grass in a healthy state.

Will it lose its color?

In rarest cases, it may lose color, but that happens after 20 years. You can select fake grass which is UV protected, this will ensure that it will not lose its shine and color after exposure to sunlight.

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